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 Stepmom noun :  stepmother ;  plural noun :  stepmothers ;  noun :  step-mother ;  plural noun :  step-mothers a woman who is the wife or partner of one's parent after the divorce or separation of the parents or the death of one's mother. As I think about this word, its meaning, and what it really means practically in my life, I have a lot of thoughts and this topic will probably be one of the biggest topics I blog about. You see, I never desired to be a stepmom, I don't know anyone that has.  It's hard, it's challenging, it's not natural, it's sometimes looked down upon.  However, it can be rewarding and fulfilling too. Like anything, in life, being a stepmom require intentional thoughts and actions.  Because most of it can be so hard, it requires a constant state of self evaluation.  My journey to stepmotherhood started when I started dating Brandon.  I knew him previously and knew he had children.  Although, I did not want to be a stepmom, I wanted to be