The Story of Us

 It was May 2019 and I received a DM on Instagram, well technically a reply to one of my stories.  We chatted a bit and I thought that was that. Then there were more messages and more replies. Then all of the sudden, we were DMing then texting non-stop, I told my best friend, Megan, "I have a crush, but it's not going anywhere... he lives in Montana."  I would soon realized, that I would not be able to live without this man.  

We dated long distance from May 2019 until we got married in May 2020.  Every week or two one of us was flying to either Arizona or Montana.  It wasn't always easy, but it caused a lot of grown and a lot of intentional conversations.

Then on January 2, 2020 Brandon proposed on the gondola at Silver Mountain Resort in Kellogg, ID.  It was perfect and I truly wasn't expecting it that day.  (I knew it was coming at some point because we already had a venue booked.) 

However, 12 days before our wedding, we received an email from our venue stating we could no longer hold our wedding there.  

"WHAT? What do you mean, we are getting married in 12 days.  We have family flying in, everything is booked, we can't cancel the wedding".  

"Sorry" they said, "covid". 

So, 10 days before the wedding we had to plan a whole new wedding.  Only two things remained the same, the date and our clothing.  Everything else changed.  We were now planning a wedding in 10 days, in a different state with 30 people instead of 200. A new photographer, cake, caterer, florist, everything.  Flights were still spotty, so Brandon and the kids packed up all the wedding decor we had for a Montana wedding and drove 17 hours to Arizona. 

Thankfully my parents had a big backyard, and for years I had said I wanted to get married there.  Little did I know, that it would actually happen.

In the end, the day was magical, and everything was perfect.  If you didn't know our wedding was not planned like this from the beginning you would have never known any different. 


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